Monday, December 29, 2014



I sure hope that everybody had a good Christmas. This week has been good. It was nice to be able to talk to my family over Skype. The missionary work was slow this week since it was a holiday.  A lot of people were traveling and we got a couple days off. It is way different this time of year here. It is really hot and it’s weird having my birthday and Christmas when it’s 100 degrees, but overall it was good. On Christmas here they start celebrating on Christmas Eve and go through the night and end on Christmas morning.

We found a new investigator this week that seems pretty interested in the church. We are heading to teach him tomorrow. So hopefully this week will be better for the work cause people will be home after the holidays.

On my birthday the elders that were in my room sang happy birthday to me and yesterday, a family here, the same family that gave me a machete, had a surprise party with cake and juice for me. So that was pretty cool!! Haha.

And on our way to the member’s house there was a little dog on the side of the street and when we walked passed it, it started growling, then out of no where started chasing us!! Ha and one elder here went running passed us all. Haha I was getting ready to kick it but it finally quit growling.  Finally the little thing stopped chasing us and we started walking again, ha, it started chasing my companion again, hahaha!! It was so funny cause the dogs are so small but they are the meanest.

It sure was nice to talk to and see you guys on Christmas. I sure do miss and love you guys. Things are good here. Lets hope this is a good week and we can catch people at home. I love you guys!! Tell everyone hello at the cabin.

Man, I love years like this back home. It kind of makes me sad I can’t be there with all of the snow.  Tell Landon it helps me to know that he is out. It makes me feel support. But before we know it we will be back enjoying the cold.

Well I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas!! Thanks for everything you guys do. Talk to you next week.

Love Elder Nickerson

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