Saturday, December 27, 2014


This year as a family we received the best Christmas present we could have ever gotten.  We got to talk to our son and brother.  Sometimes you never realize how important something is until it is half way across world.  We sure love him!  He is good brother, a good son, and a good missionary. 

Elder Nickerson is doing great! He is loving the food, loving the people, and loving missionary work!  He is not loving the heat and humidity, the distance from home, and the Chihuahuas suffering from small dog syndrome.  :)

He told us that the "rains come down, and the floods come up".  He said when it rains there, it pours, and the roads and streets turn into rivers.  The rain is definitely a sight to be seen.  The weirdest part about Christmas for him was being in 100 degree weather.  They are in their hottest season over there.  

Today is his birthday!  We can't believe how fast time flies when you're having fun.  We are sure proud of him.  When Nick is happy, his family is happy.  We love watching him grow and progress.  We know that he is there for a reason and there is someone or a few someones waiting to hear from him. 

He said missions are like riding a roller coaster.  Some days are easy and fun and high, and other days are struggles, disappointing, and lows.  Nick said there is no other place he would rather be right now than right where he is.  The language has good and bad days for him.  Some days he understands mostly everything and other days he doesn't understand anything.  But he said every day it gets easier and easier.  

We were beyond happy to hear his voice, see that he was looking good, and that he still has his sarcastic sense of humor.  We love that boy more than anything.  When he first called no one said anything because we were all in tears.  We all just looked at each other and cried.  It meant the world to us to see him well and happy.   Even his dog Charlie got to say hello.  He was a little confused at what was happening.  He could hear Nick, but wasn't quite sure where he really was.  A boy and his dog!

Here are a few pictures Elder Nickerson took on Christmas!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and are excited for all the families that got to talk to their missionary.  Thanks for all the love and support Elder Nickerson has been receiving. He definitely feels your love and prayers from home.

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