Monday, January 26, 2015


Hey Everyone!!!

This week went by really fast!! Transfers are today and my American companion is getting transferred. So is another elder in our house. I am sure going to miss Elder Bailey. We will be getting two new elders here this week.

This week our two baptisms backed out on us and didn’t want to get baptized quite yet.  But I think they will soon. We had a lot of our investigators come to church this Sunday, so that was pretty cool.

It rained a lot yesterday and we got soaked clear through our clothes! We had to run back through water in the streets and it completely filled our shoes with water again.  We have at least 5 spots in our ceiling that leak when it rains. We were going to hike to a waterfall today since it was pday, but it rained all night long.  We might go in a few weeks.  Because it stopped raining today, it is going to be very humid.

We have some really good investigators right now that are all really interested in the gospel.  We are also teaching a family who are all reading the Book of Mormon, besides the mom, and they really look forward to us coming over. Those are the times that make this experience great.

Today is just about the usual.  Elder Bailey has to finish packing.  We need to stop and tell a few families good bye, and then he leaves to Salvador at 6.  I’m now going to be the leader in our area with my new companion.  I’m a little bit nervous for change.  I want us to be able to work well together. I hope that he can help with the lessons because the language is still kind of hard for me.  I know change is where growth happens, but it’s hard to see Elder Bailey go. It will be sad to say goodbye.  He was a good companion.  We got along so well.  I can’t believe I have been 11 weeks with him already.  I will start having new companions every six weeks now.

I have been helping a lot with the lessons now.  When it is a small lesson I am the only one that talks.  So it is definitely getting a lot better.  I think I will really improve with a Brazilian companion.  But . . . I also think it might be harder for awhile.  

When I look at two years, it seems so long.  I try not to think of that. I want to make the best of things while I am here. This experience only happens once.  But I sure do love you guys and pray for you guys.  Be safe with everything. 

That’s about it for this week. Next time I email I will have a different companion. I am praying we will get along and work well together.  I hope I will be able to speak and understand enough Portuguese with three Brazilian elders. Love you all very much! Hope all is well!!  Sure miss you guys. 

Talk to you next week. Love Elder Nickerson

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Since this is Elder Bailey's last week here we are going with a member an hour away from here to see a big waterfall.  I will be sure to take pictures. Wanted to let you know that transfers are on Monday.  Sure do love you guys. 

This is Elder Bailey here.  I love ya'll. 

Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey guys!!

This week has been a good week! The first of the week we had a zone meeting in Luiz, Eduardo, about an hour and a half from here. The meeting was really good. 

This week we found a family to teach and have been teaching a guy named, Jackson, and he keeps progressing. So hopefully he stays with it. We set two baptism dates for next week and are praying they follow through.

We teach a lot of people but it’s hard to get them all to progress and continue with the gospel. This will be my last week with my American companion. He gets transferred next Monday and I will then probably have a Brazilian companion whom only speaks Portuguese.  So hopefully that goes well.  I am very fortunate and blessed to have had Elder Bailey as my companion.  I am going to miss him.  I believe the Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he sent me to serve with him.   He has seven months left in the field. We will find out on Saturday when and how the transfer will take place.   I bet I am here for 6 or 7 more weeks and then I will be transferred to a new area.  I think I am going to learn a lot of Portuguese with a Brazilian companion.  But Portuguese is getting easier. 

Once again it was very very hot this week.  I have heard that other areas here are not this hot.  For some reason it’s an oven here compared to other places in the city.  We are in a hole and the sun just cooks the cement and streets and makes it even that much hotter.  Five or six at night, when the sun goes down, is when it finally starts to cool off. 

Also, this week we had a lunch with a member here and after the lunch they had a surprise party for me and another companion here for our birthdays. They gave me a shirt and tie!!! It was nice and so cool.

Well, I hope everything is well with you guys and thanks for everything you guys do!  Two years seems forever away but the weeks always fly by.  I am very grateful to be serving a mission.  Sure love you guys.  Hopefully we can get a couple baptisms this week.  

Be safe.  Talk to you guys later.

Love Elder Nickerson

Monday, January 12, 2015


Hey Everybody!!

This was a good week. 

Missionary work has been kind of slow for us here during the holidays, but this last week has really picked up.  We had two investigators accept our baptismal invite and date, so hopefully they keep progressing.  This week we also had 4 or 5 people stop their cars and ask what we were doing because they had heard about our church.  I help with the lessons more and more.  Portuguese is still hard but this week I had people tell me I spoke good Portuguese for only being here 3 months.  So that was pretty cool to hear.  It has been really hot again this week without much rain at all.  We had two of our investigators come to church this Sunday and had a less active member we have been working with come too.  This week has been a lot better and more encouraging for missionary work.  I’m grateful to be here and spread the gospel to these people here.  I love the people. 

We got to hike a mountain with our zone leaders today.  There were 8 of us that went on the hike.  I took my machete!   . . .  only to chop the trees!!  Haha.  And of course, it was really hot.   I didn’t see much ‘wildlife’.  I saw some parrots and birds.  Some small little snakes and a lot of bugs.  But that was it.   It was a lot of fun.  I got a lot of pictures but won’t have time to upload them all. 

I got a couple packages this week.  I love the shorts and omelet pan.  I’m excited to use my omelet pan.  I will try it out this week.  I also got a package from Marilee!!! 

Transfers are at the end of this month.  I can’t believe how fast time flies.  My companion will get transferred on the 24th.  It is the last Sunday here and I think I will have a companion that only speaks Portuguese next.  I will probably learn more of the language that way. 

We ate some interesting things this week.  We ate cow feet, liver, and intestine.  I didn’t eat much, but what I did eat I just had to swallow and not chew.  It was really different compared to what I am use to. 

We were talking to this guy this week at night and he seemed a little off.  Then out of nowhere another guy came up and pushed the first guy we were talking to and said to him, “Don’t mess with these guys they are men of god”.  We are not really sure why he said that to the guy we were talking to.  He must of known something was up, but luckily nothing ever happened.  But it seemed a little strange. 

Look at this cool scripture case I got.  It has Nephi hunting on the front with a bow and arrow.  The liahona and the sword of Laban strapped to his side and there are animals.  Then on the side is my mission and flags.  The back is army of Helaman.  It is so awesome!!!

Thanks again for everything.  I feel lucky to be on the Lord’s team.  I sent letters home last week so maybe they will arrive soon.  I will work hard this week.  I love you guys very much.  Be safe and have a good week!

Amo voces!! 

Elder Nickolas Nickerson

Monday, January 5, 2015



Hope everyone had a good week!  This week is short and sweet.  It was another hard week for missionary work because of the holidays.  We are hoping to find more people home and do some teaching this week since New Year’s is over.  The district leaders have meetings for three days so we have an elder staying with us while the district leader is taking care of church business. 
New Years was a good day.  We had to come in early that day just for precautions.  And it is still weird to have the holidays when it is so hot. And yes, it is just steadily hot here. It is crazy to think I have been in the mission field for 8 weeks now.

Today we are going shopping and probably doing the usual.  I would like to climb a little hill they have here but the others say it is too hot today.  We have not had any downpours for a while.  It is just unbelievably hot. 

Thanks for everything you all do for me.  I am going to put my head down and go to work this week.  I am going to try even harder so we can get things moving forward.  I love emailing you guys.  I look forward to the day I can see you guys again.  Soon, before we know it, I will be back home.  Remember the time that dad, Cory, and I went ice fishing, I look forward to those days again.  But I know with all my heart that I need to do the best I can while I am here. 


That is all for today.  I sure love you all very much.  Thanks for everything.  I will talk to you guys next week.  Thanks for all the love, prayers, and everything.  I know that God answers our prayers.  I miss you all.  Tell Grandpa I said hello, I love him, I miss him, and he needs to stay healthy.

Can’t wait till next week.

Elder Nickerson