Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The day has finally come. . .   We shipped our missionary off today. Watching him walk away has been the proudest and hardest moment we have all ever been through!!  We sure love that boy.    He is going to do great things.

Last night, September 29th, at 7:00pm, Nickolas was set apart.  He spent the remaining of the night trying to think of and pack everything he might need for 2 years.

We dropped him off at the airport in Idaho Falls, September 30th.  I don't think, as a family, we realized how hard that moment was going to be as we watched him walk away.  I think we felt a lot of love and compassion for all other missionaries and families that have sent their missionaries out.  It takes a lot of faith from everyone to trust in the Lord and devote two years to service.  We also stood outside the airport and watched the plane fly off till we could no longer see it.  I think watching the plane leave made it really sink in that this was actually happening. 


While we were waiting for Nick to leave, we had a man take a picture of our family.  He was from South Carolina.  After Nick landed in Salt Lake City, this man was able to let us know that Nick had landed safely, that he was flying with him to Atlanta, and that Nick had met up with 5 other missionaries.

Once we heard that Nick had met up with other missionaries headed to Brazil, we all felt a little comfort to know that they were all there to help each other.   Cory made the comment that Nick's mission will not only touch the lives of those Nick will be serving, strengthen his testimony and bless his life, but will bless his families life and strengthen our testimonies.  As a family we look up to the strong man that Nickolas is and the great missionary he is going to be. He has already strengthened our testimonies and taught us so much.  We gained a lot of respect for all those young men and women that choose to serve a mission.  What an example and inspiration they are to all of us!!  We can't express to you how proud we are of Nick for his choices. 

Last Wave Goodbye
Cory also said if something wasn't hard, it wouldn't be as worth it. And he is exactly right!  We can't wait to hear about Nick's mission.  We can't wait to see and hear of his growth and the stories of those he is serving.  There are going to be hard times and trying times.  But there is no better person to get through that than our brother. 

He is scheduled to arrive in Sao Paulo, Brazil and be at the MTC at 8:00am, October 1st.  We are so excited to hear that he has made it there and starting on this new journey. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Family Pictures - Fall 2014

It was really important to us that we took family pictures before Nick left on his mission! You guys won't believe that we haven't taken an actual family picture for at least 10 years.  We loved how they turned out.  We wanted to capture a picture of all of us before he left and we will do the same when he returns.  That way we can see how much of all us have changed over the two years he is serving.

Nick had a neat experience this week.  On September 17, 2014, he was able to go through the temple and take out his endowment!!  Once again, we are sure proud of that boy.  He is able to melt our hearts each and every day. 

This week we asked Nick a few questions so they could be documented before he left:

1.  What is your favorite scripture?

JOHN 3:16

2.  What is your favorite hymn?

3.  What is your favorite scripture story?

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Nick's Farewell Dinner

We can't believe the time has finally come for Nick to leave on a mission.  But we are oh, so proud!! It seems like yesterday we were running wild through the yard, catching snakes, building sand tunnels, and exploring the mountains as children. We are proud of the young man that he has become.  We are proud of his decision to serve a mission. Of course, as his family, we are biased, but there is not a brother out there who has a stronger testimony, more of a gentlemen, a harder worker, or more determined to accomplish all that he puts his mind to.   We are proud of his choices. 

On September 14, 2014, Nick gave his farewell talk on how important faith is in each and every one one of our lives, and how much faith has impacted the leaders of this gospel throughout the generations.  Through faith the gospel has been restored to each and every one of us. We are blessed to have that gospel in our lives.  The people of Brazil are going to get a great missionary.  His love and testimony are going to touch the lives of those he serves and potentially plant that seed of faith in their hearts.  We are sure going to miss him, miss his humor, miss his stories, and even his orneriness, but we know the great things he is going to do in Brazil.

It has been a big year for our family!! First, Chris & Stephanie, got married and we couldn't have been more excited and happy for them!  Then, Nick got his mission call, and again we were so excited as a family.  And, finally, Cory and Tanessa got married!  We have been blessed to have such a fun year before Nick leaves to Brazil.

We wanted all those that came to Nick's farewell and those who brought food to know how grateful and thankful we are to you.  We were overcome with joy as we seen all the support we had that day.  We are lucky to have each and everyone of you in our lives.  You have all impacted our lives for the better.  It was such a great happy day with family and friends.  We love you all, we appreciate all the support you have graciously shown our family over the years. We can't wait to hear all about Brazil and the people Nick will be serving.  Thanks again to everyone who made Nick's farewell a day to remember!