Monday, January 26, 2015


Hey Everyone!!!

This week went by really fast!! Transfers are today and my American companion is getting transferred. So is another elder in our house. I am sure going to miss Elder Bailey. We will be getting two new elders here this week.

This week our two baptisms backed out on us and didn’t want to get baptized quite yet.  But I think they will soon. We had a lot of our investigators come to church this Sunday, so that was pretty cool.

It rained a lot yesterday and we got soaked clear through our clothes! We had to run back through water in the streets and it completely filled our shoes with water again.  We have at least 5 spots in our ceiling that leak when it rains. We were going to hike to a waterfall today since it was pday, but it rained all night long.  We might go in a few weeks.  Because it stopped raining today, it is going to be very humid.

We have some really good investigators right now that are all really interested in the gospel.  We are also teaching a family who are all reading the Book of Mormon, besides the mom, and they really look forward to us coming over. Those are the times that make this experience great.

Today is just about the usual.  Elder Bailey has to finish packing.  We need to stop and tell a few families good bye, and then he leaves to Salvador at 6.  I’m now going to be the leader in our area with my new companion.  I’m a little bit nervous for change.  I want us to be able to work well together. I hope that he can help with the lessons because the language is still kind of hard for me.  I know change is where growth happens, but it’s hard to see Elder Bailey go. It will be sad to say goodbye.  He was a good companion.  We got along so well.  I can’t believe I have been 11 weeks with him already.  I will start having new companions every six weeks now.

I have been helping a lot with the lessons now.  When it is a small lesson I am the only one that talks.  So it is definitely getting a lot better.  I think I will really improve with a Brazilian companion.  But . . . I also think it might be harder for awhile.  

When I look at two years, it seems so long.  I try not to think of that. I want to make the best of things while I am here. This experience only happens once.  But I sure do love you guys and pray for you guys.  Be safe with everything. 

That’s about it for this week. Next time I email I will have a different companion. I am praying we will get along and work well together.  I hope I will be able to speak and understand enough Portuguese with three Brazilian elders. Love you all very much! Hope all is well!!  Sure miss you guys. 

Talk to you next week. Love Elder Nickerson

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