Monday, February 2, 2015



This week has been a pretty crazy week!!

First of all, my American companion, Elder Bailey, left and he is now serving in Salvador.  He is training again. He is with a Brazilian that served in the military for 5 years.  He says he feels safe in the streets.  Haha.    I also got a new companion, Elder Pardim, from a place called Espirto Santo, in the city of Victoria. He is a good one!  J He only speaks Portuguese. It is kind of hard to communicate with him still. But I have noticed the little bit he has been here my Portuguese has gotten better. I can understand Portuguese really well now and that is what everybody says happens. You understand it, and then you can speak it. I can speak, but not as well as I can understand. I can finally see that it’s all coming together though. There are three Brazilians in our apartment now.  I am the only American.  It is kind of different because it is a little hard to understand each other right now.  We also have different backgrounds, cultures, and likes.  But I think every transfer takes adjusting for all of us.

This week my companion got a bacteria in his stomach, so we had to stay in a clinic for three days until they got rid of the bacteria. He ate something bad, had a stomach ache and fever.  He is better now. They put him on medicine.  We weren’t able to go to church on Sunday because of his hospital stay. But we did have the doctors ask about the gospel.

We have some promising investigators right now that have baptismal dates set. We are praying they all follow though. I will probably only be here for this transfer, and then I will move areas. My companion only has 2 more transfers left in the field, and he will need to train another elder in this area. I think the odds are good I will leave this area after this transfer.

I have been giving away some suckers, balls, and a few things.  The kids here love that kind of stuff.  I have people that try to speak English to me sometimes.  They usually say, “Hi, my friend . . .  My name is . . .”  So that is pretty cool.  This week was actually a little cooler than normal, so that was nice.  I am ready for the hot season to be over. 

But anyways things are good! Love you guys. There are still days where I can’t stop thinking about you guys, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than right where I am. Can’t wait for all our future adventures. Hope all is well.

Love Elder Nickerson

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