Monday, December 1, 2014


This week went by really fast, but it was slow for missionary work. It just keeps getting hotter and hotter here. The other night inside our apartment, it was 92 degrees and the sun, its gotta be over 100.  We are in normal clothes today.  It is the first time I have not been in a suit and it feels good. But it sure does keep on getting hotter and hotter.  It didn’t rain at all this week. And I am told that it will even get hotter than this.

Thanksgiving was just like another day here. I think they might celebrate it later. I’m excited to be able to call home at Christmas.  I missed you guys for Thanksgiving. The English school is having Thanksgiving this week though.  I’m not sure if they invited us yet.

We had a baptism scheduled for this week and talked to him Friday.  He was ready and our district leaders went to interview him and he wouldn’t get the door or his cell phone. I don’t know what happened. Some days as a missionary are discouraging.

We had a zone meeting this week and our mission president took us out to eat at a really nice restaurant. The food at the restaurant was really good. We found out that President Lisonbee found something that boosts your immune system by like 400 percent. He does something like that for a living. He is a businessman. Then on Sunday we met with another branch and our mission president was there. We had a lot of our investigators come to church, so that was really cool.  We usually have 30 – 50 people come to church.

So they have really cool hammocks here for about 30 American dollars but I don’t want to buy too much stuff at the start of my mission.  We get money every two weeks and I had to buy lunches, groceries, and a pillow this week. I was also able to buy milk, cookies, and apples. My companion wants to send his machetes home, but I’m nervous they won’t make it.  I think I’m gaining weight. My levis fit a lot tighter then they use to, but they still fit just fine.

Hardly any places here have AC. All they have is a fan blowing on you so it’s pretty much hot wherever you go.  You sweat just sitting inside someone’s house. This week I ate chicken heart!!! It wasn’t bad, but not something I want for every meal. And we were eating at a members’ house and there was a big bowl of soup. Haha, and we look inside and it was full of cut off fish heads. It looked really nasty! I didn’t eat any of it.

The buses here are really crazy, it reminds me of Harry Potter. Haha! We jump on and as soon as the door closes it takes off from 0 to 60 in about ten seconds. Then slams on the breaks.  The dirt and oil roads here are full of big potholes and the busses won’t even try to avoid them. They are nuts. But riding the bus is a lot better then walking. My legs hurt some nights because of walking so much. 

I made ramen noodles last night.  We have milk here. You buy it in cartons and it’s just sitting on the shelf without a refrigerator sealed up.  As soon as you unseal it you have to keep it cold. There is a deli with bananas and I might buy some eggs. All my snacks from the CTM are gone. 

Today I am going to take my machete to get a handle put on. Transfers are coming up.  I think one companion in our apartment will transfer for sure. He came here with me but he just hit his year mark this week. The other one has been here for three months and then my companion, so I am not exactly sure what will happen.  My companion and I are still getting along. I understand more and more of the language but it’s still really hard to speak. I talked to President and he said that’s the way it is with everybody.  It will just take time to get it down. I can understand some people really well but some others I don’t understand a word.  I have the hardest time when people really roll their words.  And I hit my two month mark this week!!

Lunch was good today. We ate at a place that only costs five bucks and it’s good. The owner just moved places and had us bless his new store. He likes us a lot.

It sure helps when I can talk to you guys. I love you guys and look forward to talking to you all. Be safe. I will try to take some more pictures for next week.

That’s about all for this week. I hope all is well with you guys.  Just know things are going good here!! Thanks for everything. Love you all. Have a good week!!

We are heading out to proselyte!!


Elder Nickerson

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