Monday, July 4, 2016


Hey Everybody!!
Well this week has been a very good week!!!

First off, Rosa was baptized!!! How everything happened with her sure was a miracle. She has been searching for a church for 3 or 4 years. She said when she would walk in front of our church, she wouldn't even look at the church from all the lies she heard about it. 

But through a member she was invited and was able to visit our church and we started teaching her.  She received her answer very fast. Her brothers are pastors of different churches. When they found out she was getting baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ, they all told her she needs to rethink everything that she was thinking.  But because of the answer she received, she stayed strong and was able to get baptised and confirmed. 

Sure was a cool experience. We have been teaching English here and have started a new program called mini MTC and we are helping prepare the youth here for missions. I have another week in this transfer and think I will leave here and finish the last 6 weeks of my mission in another area. 

Also this week I received my paperwork for my flight home and release date. I can't believe it!!  I will arrive August 26th at 12:18pm. It will be a bitter sweet day.

But that's about it for the week. Hope all is well with you guys, talk to you guys later.
Com Amor´, 
Elder Nickerson

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