Monday, July 25, 2016


Well everybody. 

Things are well for us here. So far this is been a good area to finish my mission. The streets are filled with dust and sand and it is very hot but we're not close to the beach, so that's nice. 

The more we learn about the area and meet the members, the more help we are getting.  The members here are very excited about the work and give us a lot of people to teach.  Time is passing fast now and I hope we can find the people we need to find while I am still here on the mission. 

Can't believe how close my time is. Not much new this week. But this week we will travel to Feira de Santana.  We have a meeting and will travel all night to get there on buses. So hope it all goes well. 

Hope you all are doing good.Talk to you guys later. 

Com Amor, Elder Nickerson

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