Monday, December 7, 2015


Hey Everybody!!

Well, I didn't think it could keep getting hotter but it does! This week has been good. When we wake up in the mornings it's 85 or 90 degrees at 6:30 in the morning and at lunch time it's 100 degrees in our apartment.

It hasn't rained since I got here and the river in the middle of the city is drying up!! One day I put my thermometer in the sun and it hit 130 degrees!!

This week has went really fast!! We received new cards that we give to people and it has a site to watch a video that talks of Jesus Christ. ( Here is the site if you guys want to watch it...haha, it's in Portuguese so not sure if you guys will understand it, buts it's cool.

Makes us remember our Savior and what he did for each of us! And because of him, what we can become and that we can live forever with our families.

I sure am grateful for this and what he did for each of us! This week we were able to put some baptism dates on a few people and they accepted and one has it for this Saturday so I hope everything works out!!

A family here also gave us bananas and mangos, they are really good. One day when we were walking home with the bananas a guy that stays on the street asked us for a few bananas so we gave him around 10. Haha and the next day we were walking where we gave him the bananas ha and there were a ton of banana peels on the ground.  He ate them all!!

Well that's about it for the week. This month is flying past.  I can't believe it's almost Christmas!!!!

I hope all is well with you guys, talk to you guys soon.

Elder Nickerson

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