Monday, April 20, 2015


Hey Everybody.

Well, I found out Saturday night I am leaving Barrieras and going to another city here in Bahia.

This week I had some cool experiences. My companion and I were not having any luck finding our investigators in their houses, so we decided to look for new investigators. My companion said, "Elder Nickerson, it's all up to you." It was a weird day and nobody was in the streets for us to contact. So we stopped and said a prayer. And I prayed that Heavenly Father would put somebody in our path for us to teach. After that we walked for about 30 minutes not finding anybody.

Finally, there was a street I had a feeling that we needed to walk down. As we were walking, there was this man sitting on the street with a bag of paint, and he looked at us and I could see in his eyes that he needed help. So we went and talked to him. And as we got to know him, we found out that he is hooked on drugs and beer, and that earlier that same day he had tried to kill himself.

As we talked with him he said his life had no purpose and he didn't know why he is here on the earth. When we were leaving his house, he was happy and said, "I will stop with the drugs," and will start his company again that he was building.

As we taught him through out the week, each time we went there, he was happier and happier.  He has only drank one time since we started meeting with him. I'm grateful for prayer and know that God listens and answers our prayers.

It was a bitter sweet feeling today as I was packing up to leave this area.  I will never forget this area and all the wonderful people here.  They will forever have a place in my heart. 

Today I am going to tell a few more families goodbye, finishing packing and will head for the bus station tonight.  I will spend 14 hours on the bus and arrive in Salvador tomorrow morning.  We will have a small reunion in Salvador, find out our new areas and companions. I am not sure what next week will bring, or when I will get to email.  I know that change is necessary for growth and the Lord will put me where I need to be, but along with change always comes a small amount of nervousness.  I am excited but I am also a little nervous and sad to leave here. 

I am so grateful for all the people and friends I have here. 
I am trying to remember that, "to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."  Ecclesiastes 3:1

I finally received a journal from around Christmas that everyone had wrote messages in.  I was so grateful to read everyone's kind words.  Thank you to all those you took the time to write me, it means more than you realize. Well, I hope you all have a good week.  Talk to you guys next week. Thanks for all.

Elder Nickerson

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