Friday, November 7, 2014



Hey everybody!!
We just got back from the Campinas temple. It is further away then the Sao Paulo temple so the traffic takes us longer to get back. It has finally rained here! It rained a lot every day of the week but the last three. It was nice to have some cool days but it is back to being really hot and smoggy.
Everybody I talk to about Salvador says how hot it is and how much hotter it is then here. For devotional this week an area 70 came and talked. It was cool! I got to shake his hand after it was over. His name was Elder Antunes. The language is still really hard but is still coming along.
It's so hard to understand them. They all talk and sound way different when they pronounce things. Well, I leave the CTM on Tuesday and take a plane for Salvador so next time I email it will be in Salvador.
We go with a bus load of missionaries! A bunch of visa waiters came in this week. No mom, I don't need stamps yet. My letters have not been heavy so I haven't used some of mine. When I go to the post office they put some on for me.  If I can call I will at the airport on Tuesday.
I printed some pictures last week I'm going to try and get to the post office after this. I will try to mail them off and send pictures through email next week. I sleep good at night times, miss waking up in my own bed though.  I miss the snow and the chickens. I have had to sew a couple places where the buttons go in and out of on the front cause the stitch kinda pulled out.

Dad,  I love you guys very much! Thanks for everything. Tell Grandpa I love him and tell him to stay healthy. I can kicked off any time now. Tanessa, I havent done the talk thing yet cause we are so busy in here, so I will when we get out. Mom, thanks for everything and the monster!! I love you guys! Tell Steph and Kallee I love and miss them. 
I got the letters from Grandpa. I found that 50 cent piece I hold it when I have my suit on. It reminds me of you guys and the monster does too.  

Love you all.
Love Elder Nickerson

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