Friday, October 10, 2014


So we finally got a free day. I miss you guys so much. I have been getting all of your letters. Thank you so much. It is really hard being away from you guys. I am going to send a bunch of letters in the mail today. The food here is good, but it is already old. They keep us very busy all day long and no down time.  Mom, thank you so much for everything u did for me. I wish I would have helped more. I love u guys so much and miss you guys.

Sao Paulo Temple

Today we got to go to temple and got to be part of baptisms and endowments. The traffic here is crazy. The cars are crazy. And the bikes and cars drive and dart all over the place. They drive every where. I watched a black car get clipped by a bus.  Mom, if you have time will you make me a list of the best way to do laundry.  I love you guys, thanks for all the letters. Tanessa, I go get my care packages across the street at that cookie place. I can only get them on pday. Mom and Dad and the family I miss you guys a lot. I cant stop thinking about you guys. This is a lot harder then I ever imagined it to be. And now they only give us 40 minutes to talk to you guys, it makes me sad. They are really strict about it all. 

At the temple today a guy took our picture and tried sending it to you guys, did anyone get it? I get letters every day but I can only send on pdays. I love you guys very much. I miss you guys a lot. I just wish I could talk more. I will email and do everything to contact you guys as much as possible.

The language is very very hard. We have to get up by 6:30 and we spend almost all day in a classroom. Then lights are out at 10:30. I have about ten papers front and back ready to send home. I write the letters to help with me missing you guys.

I'm feeling ok. Everybody here has a cold. I got it too. I don't think I need anything right now. You prepared me really good. I miss you guys. I'm just happy you guys are on right now. Tanessa, they wont let us send any pictures.  One of the boys in my room had a 100 bucks stolen from him.

Mom, you guys went up in the mountains to finish my name?   Mom, tell everybody like Grandpa and Jared and Aaron hello. I don't have much time to write and I have never missed somebody so much before as I do you guys. I can't look at those pictures you guys sent me right now, they are taking too long to load.

I did get all my luggage and found out today that I get another plane when I head to Salvador.  In that picture the guy sent you, my companion is the kid kneeling underneath me with glasses. There are six of us in the room. Another one is the guy I'm standing next to. He is really nice and the other one is the Brazilian looking guy. And then we have a guy from Mexico and one from Peru.

A day at the temple
It's definitely a very hard thing to stay positive. I sleep well once I go to sleep. Night times I always miss you guys most. I cant wait until I can hug you guys again. Our zone and district number is 40c. And our mailbox number is six but they deliver it to us inside the MTC.

I miss you guys a lot. We wake up at six o clock and have personal study, then breakfast, and all of our teachers speak Portuguese so it's really hard to understand them.  We also teach fake investigators.  It's really hard language to learn.  The letters sound exact opposite of American words and they use the r word a lot so its really hard for me to pronounce the words. We get 45 minutes of physical activity and then we go back into a class room.  So we spend almost 99% of our time in a classroom.  Idk what happens on Sundays yet. Last week we watched general conference. It was nice to know I was watching something you guys were. Sundays we have sacrament meeting then I don't know what we do after that. I don't have time this week to email everybody back. Tell them all I want to but I have no time. Tell Jared I want to go hunting. I love you guys

I have to log off, this is the last one I can send. I love you! My letters say a lot of stuff that will explain it better. I love you guys. Talk to you later. I love you and miss you guys. Love you. Elder Nickerson

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