Friday, October 17, 2014


Hey!! So we just got back from the Campinas Brazil Temple. It is very pretty! It was cool when we went through today! 

Campinas Brazil Temple

So I guess Sao Paulo is down to like 5% water supply, so they said we have to really limit our water usage. There hasn't been enough rain fall. Tanessa thanks! Thanks for Mr. Cheney's cookies.  I got 24 cookies and a bag of Doritos and a box of Froot loops.  It was nice to have some good American food. The food here is good, but gets old fast. Some things are nasty.

On Sundays here it's just like church. Our districts are our branches and we have a bishop and everything. We have sacrament, priesthood, doctrine class, choir, then devotional. We practice teaching fake investigators and they are our teachers.  Mom, my cold is getting better! No, I haven't had any bloody noses. Sundays are still as busy as the other days. We have church and choir and devotionals and class and they call you out at random to give talks in Portuguese! I haven't been called yet, but I wouldn't be able to yet in Portuguese! I don't know enough Portuguese!

My companion is very very hard to get along with. Everybody gets in arguments with him. He thinks it's always his way and not any other way. I will have patience, but it's still hard.  Yeah Tanessa I'm getting those cards.  Thanks, they're cool. I have to get on another plane to fly to Salvador when I'm done with the MTC.  The language is very hard and is hard for me to remember it all. I get discouraged when other people in my class do better. Some know it pretty good and almost all took Spanish before.  There are three from my district going to Salvador, I'm not sure how many in the whole MTC.

I have another letter to send today. The post office is packed and they only speak Portuguese so hopefully they get sent! I love you guys. It's nice to know about home. I miss it all!! Tell everybody I said hi.  I really can't wait to get out of here!! It's like prison. They say it takes two weeks for letters to get home from here.  Make sure the last letters you guys send, I'm still in the MTC so I get all of them!

Laundry went good!  We have to mix ours with each others and they put everything on a very tight schedule. It's hard to get anything of your own done at all. I got my clothes back. It just gets annoying that we have to do everything together. They have every step of our day planned to a T. It's hard being with other people 24/7.

Class is allllllllll day long, besides lunch and gym for 45 minutes. We wake up at 6 to shower, then personal study, breakfast, then class and teach, then lunch, then more class and teach, then dinner, class, gym, personal study, then at 9:45 head to room and lights out by ten thirty. Hardly anytime for personal time at all. It is very hard to remember any of the words at all.  It is very hard for me to remember them and pronounce them. Teachers all act like we should know it by now. By the end of the day we are very frustrated!!

We met an old guy on the street last pday and he couldn't figure out why all our names were Elder and we don't know enough Portuguese to explain it to him. Our two roommates left and now we have two others. One is from Brazil and I don't remember where the other one is from. It is sooooooo hot and humid here! It's like you can't breathe at all and you can't stop sweating! You can't see any sky or stars at night times! The smog is very thick and is orange from all the lights. 

I have 40 minutes on here, so email if you are around. I love and miss you guys a lot!

I got your elk poop the other day, it was really funny! Tanessa, thanks for everything, I get really excited for the day I see you guys again. I love you all, any of these emails could be my last. So if they are I love you and miss you all very very much! 

Hope all is well. Forward this message to others if you want. Tell Grandpa and Charlie I miss them!

Ok guys, I have to go! I love you guys!! Hopefully two years flies by.  Mom, thanks for everything you have done for me, and Dad tell Kallee I love her very much! Talk to you guys in a week!! Hopefully you get my letters, I explain stuff better. Love you all. Remember I'm always thinking of you guys and praying for you guys. Love you guys, I have to go now. Love you, tell everybody I say hello, bye, love you, I'm doing the best I can here, love you!

Love you guys! Elder Nick Nickerson

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