Monday, June 20, 2016


Hey Everybody!!

Well, this week has been a good week for us! First off, we did a split and I stayed here.  We taught a few of our investigators and were able to find a couple new people to start teaching. These past couple weeks we have been having a hard time finding people interested in hearing our message. But we have been very blessed this week. We have been able to find 4 new people and all four of them already have baptism dates set.  All four of them were in the church on Sunday and are liking it a lot. They should be baptized soon. We pray they will be.

We also have been teaching an English class trying to get more people to come to church. And it has been working very well. One of the ladies we are teaching told us for about a year she has been praying to find a church that she would be able to join.  When she would pass our church she said she wouldn't even look at the church because of all the things that she heard bad about our church. But she was invited by a member and entered the church and realized that it was different then what everybody had told her.  We have only taught her 2 times and before we could even ask her about being baptized she asked us if she could be!!!!   Sure am grateful for the true gospel in our lives! Wish that everybody had the true gospel in their lives. Grateful to be here....sad it is all starting to come to an end already.

That's about it for the week.  Hope you all are doing well. I am excited for Landon and his family!!  What a great week for them.  It won't be much longer till that is me.  

Talk to you guys later.
Com Amor, Elder Nickerson

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