Monday, April 18, 2016


Hey Everybody!!

Well, we have seen some miracles this transfer. We were able to get two more of our investigators baptized this week. One of them had a wedding on Saturday and after she got married, we were able to baptize her. It sure was nice to see them getting baptized and then receive the Holy Ghost yesterday. Sure am glad for the priesthood that we have here on the earth. 

This week we received a family to teach and we started teaching them.  The lady of the house works on peoples' feet for a living.  We found out that a couple weeks earlier they were sitting in front of their house, and she was working on some guys feet.  Six guys appeared in front of them with guns and started shooting, and killed this guy right in the front on them. A girl in the family got shot as well, but she didn't die.  The girl had to have surgery and a bunch of stitches. We taught them a couple times already and they are already progressing quickly and said they are liking it a lot.  It makes me excited and happy to bring the gospel into their lives.  We know that the Lord can heal all wounds and take away our pains and sorrows. 

I just found out that I will be staying here in Cama├žari for another transfer.  My companion and I will be staying together for one more transfer. The weather here is starting to change and is starting to rain... but it is still really hot and humid after it rains.  Then the sun comes out again almost worse when there is rain.  Haha, so I don't know what is better.

That's about it for the week.

Here are some pics of the baptisms we had this week. Hope all is well with you guys. Talk to you guys soon. Love ya all.
Com Amor, 
Elder Nickerson

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