Monday, October 5, 2015


Well everybody, this has been a good week. 

First off this week, it has been a year since I left home!! It's crazy how fast time really flies. It seems like the longer I'm out here, the faster time is going. There's a thing here, that when you make it a year, you burn a shirt!! Ha so I ended up burning a shirt.  It wasn't my shirt but another elders shirt that was already ruined. He let me burn it.   

I hope that everybody was able to watch general conference this weekend. I learned a lot and felt the spirit really strong as they spoke. There were many good talks that I enjoyed. I was also able to watch it in English, so I was happy for that. 

The new Elder that arrived with us in our house is from Peru!  So now in our house we have one Brazilian, one American, one from Argentina and one From Perú. 

The weather is changing here again and now it's going back into summer and is very hot all day long, and hasn't rained for awhile. 

We have a few investigators excited about the church, so we will keep working with them and hopefully soon they will be baptized.  

The church here has also started a new program where every week they are making soup and giving it to the poor or needy. This past week we were able to go with them and help give it away. It was really neat to see how grateful the people were to receive the soup. 

I sure am grateful for the gospel in my life and to have a Prophet and apostles living to guide us on this earth. Well that's about it for the week. I hope that everybody had a good week and that we can use and do what we learned over general conference. Thanks for everything.

Com Amor, 
Èlder Nickerson

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