Monday, January 25, 2016


Hey Everybody! 

Well to start off, it has rained like crazy this week, and the water has no where to go.  Then it gets in the streets and the streets looked like rivers  . . . again!!! haha!!

There were cars that were getting stalled in the water because it was so deep. And our house has holes in the ceiling and our kitchen floor filled with water but it didn't hurt anything. 

This week we were able to teach a lot of people. We have a few people really interested right now and if they keep progressing should be baptised really soon.

Because of all the rain there has been a few alligators spotted in the sewer ponds right next to the city and the neighborhoods here. My companion and I saw a dead one the other day that somebody killed and left the skin sitting there. 

Well that's about it for the week,  This is the last week in the transfer already. The picture is a pop only found in the top parts of Brazil. Kinda of weird, it's pink.. 

Talk to you guys next week. Thanks for all.

Love, Elder Nickerson

There are so many questions that we would like to be able to answer, and I think one of the greatest things we can teach you is you need to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

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