Monday, July 27, 2015



I hope everybody had a good week! This week was really good for me! 

First off, we practiced a lot in the choir and sang in church on Sunday

I did a split with another Elder here in our house and we got to go to another city. The picture of me with the wooden thing is called a beating ball. It's an instrument they play here when they do a dance called Capoeira. Ha, it's really cool to watch.  There is a story behind Capoeira.  

When the people were in slavery in Brazil, they invented this dance to train to fight the people that were keeping them in slavery. They learned the training as a dance to keep it hidden that they were really training to prepare to fight the people. And now the people here still train and practice, but it is only a dance. It's really cool to watch.

 They were celebrating a holiday or something, and a bunch of people were running up and down the streets!! Haha, I have to admit it was kinda creepy at first to see these people running all over the place.

We started this new program in the church with the missionaries, and have been working hard to have family home evenings with the less active. This week we had family home evenings a couple nights and we were able to get the entire family of the less actives to come to church Sunday. Also, the guy I talked about that has a bad drinking problem, has stopped drinking, and now him and the lady he lives with are starting to talk to each other again. When we go to their house now you can see happiness in their faces and in the way they act.  They are much happier and are progressing!! So, I'm excited about that.

I'm grateful for prayer and I know that through prayer we can talk to our Heavenly Father and he will help us with all we need. 

Well, that's about it for the week. Thanks for all your love and support. Talk to you guys next week. 

Èlder Nickerson

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